The Report

Metis puts the collective intelligence of online reviews to work for your business in a unique way. Metis employs the wisdom of crowds and provides meaningful insight into the operations of you and your competitors. Reviews can be backward-looking unless you intentionally use them for forward-thinking change and innovation. Metis provides this opportunity.

Metis distills and prioritizes thousands of opinions into actionable conclusions. It targets strengths and weaknesses, yours and others you select, to achieve best competitive advantage. The results provide the power to improve your products, services and better promote what myriad reviews show as strengths. Further, to learn from and seize on others’ challenges.

Metis is built on a foundation of advanced mathematics and technology, but the power of Metis goes far beyond numerics, using linguistics. Metis harnesses the words, feelings and details of your reviews, making them functionally effective. This process can be applied to any extensive text, such as in-house feedback. Results address causes for loyalty, disaffection, emotional bond, trends over time, and more.

Traditionally, review-aggregating programs have been used for marketing and client-relations purposes. Instead, Metis uses them for operational value and action.